Barn Owl Copper Healing Tool
  • Barn Owl Copper Healing Tool

    Point- Orange Aventurine
    Within-Labradorite, Moonstone-peach & rainbow, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli & Mookaite
    Strung-Lava & Black Moonstone

    This tool began, when a Snowy White Owl turned up at my place, one night. I didn’t know I was meeting someone’s totem at the time, that knowledge came later. When this person entered my life again. This tool has been a teacher of deception, how we can feel with our whole being, think its finally here, the right one. Only to find you are so wrong. But Owl comes as a beautiful teacher to remind us of magic and to connect to the Goddess, dip into her feminine power, to honour yourself. That she will guide you on silent wings, to deep wisdom within, that its alright to feel deeper, take the lesson that it delivers to move forward. And I thank that Snowy White Owl for coming, heralding the coming and showing me that maybe I was to show him, that spirituality wasn’t full of egos or narcistic people, that I gifts him a seed of wisdom, that maybe, one day he will see. But now is time to remember the magic of life and all that is flying to me. Honour myself and see I’m all that I am.

    Orange Aventurine-  considered a stone of good luck, fortune, and a manifestor of exciting new possibilities. It has been called the "Whisper Stone" since the energy of this stone helps to quiet the critical and judgmental inner voice. To help you to clear blockages between the Sacral and Third-Eye Chakras. Used to enhance personal will by channeling energy through the Sacral Chakra for assimilation.

    Alantisite- It removes debris from old damage and negativity. Dissolves blockages and repairs the energy channels. Atlantisite clears and aligns all the chakras. Atlantisite accesses past lives in Atlantis, reconnecting to your ancient wisdom. It drives out irrational fears and boosts up emotional communication as well as understanding.  Atlantisite enhances your self-esteem, confidence and ingenuity.