Black Kyanite Broom with Triquatro
  • Black Kyanite Broom with Triquatro

    Brooms are used to sweep negative energy out of spaces, same works with these wee brooms, about sweeping energy away. This is a tool, alter piece or just because you want one. Handmade and crafted.

    Length 15-17cm

    Black Kyanite is one of the strongest protection stones we’ve ever encountered while also acting as a “great awakener”. As this stone creates an impenetrable etheric bubble around your aura, your mind will begin to slow and relax. This is simply due to one finding comfort within themselves, while also feeling that no threat or harmful energy can breach their peace.

    We equate it to when you receive a hug during moments of weakness or sadness. That warm and comforting feeling when falling into a loved one’s arms (or even a stranger's) can alter your emotional body and make you feel indescribably better. Black Kyanite’s energies have very similar effects and truly help one work through any stressful situations that you may be experiencing. Carry it with you whenever you're headed into an uncomfortable environment or a highly emotional situation.