• Celestite

    $30 plus postage 
    Celestite has an uplifting energy that aligns one with higher realms of awareness. Here, one can sense strongly the presence of his/her spirit guides and higher self. It is most popularly known for its ability to align one with the angelic realm. Celestite fills its environment with divine energy, encouraging spiritual awakening and development of metaphysical abilities. Meditating with Celestite pieces on the throat, third eye, heart and crown chakra will ease one into an effortless state of meditation. It assists efficiently in clairaudience, allowing one to hear the messages of the higher realms. Celestite will also assist one to in achieving states of lucid dreaming or astral travel.
    This stone offers soft vibrations that stimulate the higher chakra systems. The Third Eye, Crown and Etheric chakras begin to slowly turn in a clockwise fashion, bringing us to higher states of awareness at a manageable pace. Unlike other high energy stones that send us on a blast toward higher frequencies, Celestite allows us to float at a softer pace toward higher vibrational awareness. This awareness is better known as Cosmic Awareness or attunement with The Existence.
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