Crow Medicine Tool
  • Crow Medicine Tool

    Crow Medicine Tool
    $120 plus postage 
    Beading-Picasso Jasper, Lava, Lapis, Sodalite & Shungite
    For smudging, meditation to connect with spirit of animal or totem work
    Crow is a harbinger of change; spiritual, mental and emotional. She represents life, death and rebirth. She reminds you to trust in magic and the synchronicity of life, being watchfulness, look for opportunities, trust in synchronicity She aids in ability to move spiritually and physically. Crow teachs the power and balance of light/dark and spiritual/physical. He teaches to create and manifest things in our lives, all of life is waiting. Crow announces a newness on the horizon. Crow can give strength and show you how to maneuver in intuitions and insights.