Crow Medicine Tool with Echidna
  • Crow Medicine Tool with Echidna

    Crow Medicine Tool with Echidna 
    $120 plus postage 
    Beading-Labradorite, Smokey Quartz & Black Obsidian 
    For smudging, meditation to connect with spirit of animal or totem work
    Crow is a harbinger of change; spiritual, mental and emotional. She represents life, death and rebirth. She reminds you to trust in magic and the synchronicity of life, being watchfulness, look for opportunities, trust in synchronicity She aids in ability to move spiritually and physically. Crow teachs the power and balance of light/dark and spiritual/physical. He teaches to create and manifest things in our lives, all of life is waiting. Crow announces a newness on the horizon. Crow can give strength and show you how to maneuver in intuitions and insights.
     Echidna teaches us the value of focusing on the little things. Paying attention to the small details in areas of finance, relationships, our home, or anywhere, can make the bigger picture that much more successful and nourishing. Take the time to look closely at the matters around you. 
    As well as looking at the little things, there is something in your life at the moment which requires further investigation. It's time to dig a little deeper. This might be through research, conversation, chasing up leads or simply meditating or spending time ruminating on an issue until 'it' comes to you. Echidna energy is valuable for helping us to scrutinise problems that - up until now - have been mysterious or difficult to understand. Echidna gives you the tools and power to not only look beneath the surface, but tunnel deeply into your problems and thoughts and find nourishment from what you find there. 
    Echidna comes into our lives to show us what an asset being stubborn can be! Dig your claws in, brace your spines against your threshold, and protect yourself, your family, your ideas and your creations. When you let echidna teach you nourishing stubbornness, you also access stability. Echidna teaches you to remain grounded at all times, even when you are sailing through the lands of your creative imagination, coming up with new ideas.