Crow, Peacock & Ostrich Smudging Fan
  • Crow, Peacock & Ostrich Smudging Fan

    Crow, Ostrich & Peacock smudge Fan
    $135 plus postage 
    Beading- Green Aventurine, Lapis, Lavalite, Lava & Rainbow Obsidian 
    Crows symbolize transformation and change. She reminds you to trust in magic and synchronicity that can show you the way. But much more than that, she calls to a spiritual or emotional change. These intelligent birds give us valuable insight into situations around us and help us adapt as needed. She knows her foe and she knows who are he friends in the journey. 
    Ostrich lets you know that it’s time to use your spiritual knowledge and integrate it into your everyday practical life. However, you must make sure that when you apply this wisdom that you also take the time to understand this knowledge.
    Be Bold, Be Feisty & Be Fabulous Darlings…..Peacock  is a gorgeous messenger of dreaming all that you can be with no limits ... embracing infinite possibility. Peacock will love to stroll along your side  and tell you the secrets of believing that anything you dream is possible.
    With Peacock guiding, he will tell you the power of believing that all things come in perfect timing, just trust in the process and allow the Universe to do it's magic working on your behalf. Don’t be afraid to shine.
    You have the ability to see and understand with the "Eye of the Heart". Use loving wisdom and perceptive vision in dealing with those around you today.