Golden Healer Palmstone
  • Golden Healer Palmstone

    Length 5.5cm
    Golden Healer Quartz are renowned for their powerful healing properties and are coveted by healers and energy workers.  Golden Quartz will help you to make and then maintain your contact with higher vibration beings so that healing can be commenced on all levels, by doing this it allows for a very deep and thorough healing.  Golden Quartz helps you to recognize the reason for the illness, initiate recovery from the illness, and recover from the illness in a gentle but constant manner.  Golden Quartz is a very grounding and balancing stone. 
    The makeup of this crystal allows the pure Golden light of the Universal Life Force to flow from the crystal and enter you in order to enhance and assist with any healing that you need. Golden Healer Quartz is a fantastic blockage remover and really allows you to connect with your true self.   
    The golden layer on a Golden Healer Quartz is a permanent part of the crystal it is not affected by chemicals or an acid bath when it is cleaned or washed, .the reason for this is the crystal is coated by a thin layer of crystal growth over the top of the golden layer.   This gives you a golden layer in between quartz on each side which assists with the amplification of the Golden qualities or Golden light within the crystal.