Goose, Ostrich, Guinea Fowl & Peacock Smudge Fan
  • Goose, Ostrich, Guinea Fowl & Peacock Smudge Fan

    Goose, Ostrich, Guinea Fowl & Peacock Smudging Fan
    $85 plus postage 
    With Black Kyanite, Tourmalated Quartz, Howlite, Black Labradorite, Dentritic Agate & Amazonite 
    Within: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Peridot, Black Obsidian & Clear Quartz
    Goose gives a questing call for travels, imagination, and communication. Imagination is stirred for fulfilling creative endeavours. He teaches how to move along the spiritual path with power and strength. Goose teaches to swim through the emotional waters with a smooth calming action. He will help discern truths, in order for you to progress onward, sometimes this involves letting things go that is not conducive to your new spiritual ideals. Goose medicine demonstrates soaring to new levels often with the cooperation of others. Peacock brings the power of watchfulness and the strength of mental, emotional, and spiritual foundations and the structure and balance of those qualities. He allows greater wisdom to be accessed along with the awareness of the many different aspects of beauty that surrounds you. Peacock attunes us to see the entire moment with no past or future and instils confidence and dignity. There is an air of showmanship with Peacock so it is time to take pride in your endeavours.  Ostrich is letting you know it is time to clean “house.” This exercise can be the real house that you live in, or it could be the cleansing of your emotions. In other words, the Ostrich meaning is prompting you to sort out what is no longer useful to you so that you can let it go. Guinea Fowl brings the perspective, that life is not always black or white (right or wrong) and there is a lot of grey areas too, embrace these. If you want to be out of the grey area, it is time to connect to the light of your higher self. You know you have lots of potential. You are able to fly high with your wings, know that these wings have potential to do much more than only fly high and this is going to open up for you.