Guinea Fowl, Hawk & Pheasant Healing Tool
  • Guinea Fowl, Hawk & Pheasant Healing Tool

    Guinea Fowl, Hawk & Pheasant Copper Healing Tool
    Use for meditation to connect to animals, use as a smudging tool, use as a wand, or use as a healing tool. Copper amplifies crystals 3 times stronger. 
    Point- Mahogany Obsidian & Black Kyanite
    Within-Pyrite, Fluorite, Rhodonite, Aegenine, Clear Quartz, Labradorite, Moonstone, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Mookaite & Smokey Quartz 
    $145 plus postage 
    Guinea fowls represent protection and groundedness. Watching them as they browsed in the grasses, a tribe of soul sisters chattering, trading stories and sharing secrets. It is a beautiful thing to be in the company of soul sisters and to have the love and support of a like-minded tribe. So many dreams are made with the support of fellow believers standing beside you – soul connections who are there to cheer you on, who believe in you and have so much faith in your ability to manifest the vision in your heart. Hawk teaches visionary power and clear sight with strong observation habits while using patience. He is a sign showing how to ride the winds of change, creativity and the power to surrender oneself to Spirit's guidance. Pheasant will show the way to verbalize forgiveness and compassion. She teaches the art of concealment and the power of perseverance and confidence. This way you can still been part of all but see clearly.