Hawk Talking Stick
  • Hawk Talking Stick

    Hawk Talking StickRose Quartz, Aqua Aura, Black Kyanite & Black Moonstone $400Let me tell you about a dance within a story, let me show you hawk dancing upon this land, soaring above the dancers in a mating dance, that weaves magic with the dancers,  dancing beneath her Spirit. The spirit of the land alive, the didgeridoo keeping the beat of man. Rainbow Serpent weaving her magic, in the sacredness of this country, showing us we can ground and shed the layers that don’t belong. Where we sit with the Talking Stick,  to talk our truth, to be heard, where we here the truth within of our own story. Where we dance with her magic. So when we look to the sky’s and Hawk is circling we hear her messages to guide us forward. Respect to Western Ylanji Bubu, respect and gratitude to the Traditional Owners of this land, past and present🙏🏿Hawk & Scrub Python medicines. The wood is Iron Wood. Hand carved in reflection to my own culture and rebirthing ourselves. This piece has taken 18 months to fin, she is special and has the feeling that you can dance with her.