Hematoid Quartz Generator
  • Hematoid Quartz Generator

    Hematoid Quartz or Fire Quartz 
    Generator with transmitter window & rainbows
    Height 6cm
    Weight 103gm
    Hematoid Quartz combines the amplifying properties of Quartz with the balancing and stabilizing properties of Hematite. It can assist not only in removing negativity but also transforming and transmuting the negative energy into pure love and light!  Hematoid Quartz is a powerful healer than balances our mind, body and spirit.  It grants us a unique opportunity to understand where our emotions are coming from by helping us understand if we are having a conscious reaction or if the emotion is a subconscious response.  A perfect choice for those of us that suffer from low self-esteem and self-worth, Hematoid Quartz enables us to see the light that has always shined brightly from within erasing doubt and anxiety in the process.  Hematoid Quartz also promotes focus and concentration making it an essential choice for those that suffer from a scattered mind or short attention span.
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