Kiwi Opal

Kiwi Opal

Kiwi Opal palm stones
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The 'Stone of Nurturing', helps instil feelings of inner peace and serenity, as well not only teaching the being to nurture themselves, others and relationships, but also giving a sense direction on how to do so.

Green Kiwi Opal nurtures the being by helping and encouraging the being to nurture themselves. It is a stone that brings a sense of peace within, helping the being to awaken a place of self serenity.

This is a stone that helps the being to become aware of the blessings that come from nurture. Green Kiwi Opal opens a part of the being that naturally seeks positive nurture for any level of the self.

Green Kiwi Opal encourages the being to be naturally nurturing towards other beings and other life. This stone helps the being to be more welcoming and more caring, as well as helping to relax any inner tensions or conflicts that may arise when this part of the self is open.

A stone that brings spiritual life force together with physical life force. This makes Green Kiwi Opal a beneficial stone for the being who strives towards living within such a balanced state.

Green Kiwi Opal transforms a setting of tension into a setting of tranquillity. It is a stone that will ease away anxieties, worries and stress, replacing them with settlement, calm and peace.

This stone is beneficial during visualisation, meditation and visionary states. Green Kiwi Opal will work alongside each thought and channel created, guiding and protecting the way ahead. This stone also helps the being to maintain a peaceful and relaxed state throughout such times.

Green Kiwi Opal resonates well within both the Heart energy centre and the Root energy centre. This stone will help the being to face life feeling more centred and settled within, as well as helping give the ability to open the doorway to the heart with more confidence and stability.

This is a stone that can guide and support the being towards appropriate nurture within relationships of the heart. Green Kiwi Opal helps to strengthen relationships, and can also help in the removal of blockages that may be causing troublesome outputs between couples.

Green Kiwi Opal helps the being to open up to and recognise what the whole self is calling for, as well as what the whole self can benefit from. This stone brings forth a higher awareness of the self from the very inner core, to the very outer layer.