Merlinite Donut
  • Merlinite Donut

    Dia 4cm
    his mystical stone is a combination of manganese oxide with inclusions of both potassium and barium. This particular variety occurs in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Associated by name, after the great wizard, Merlin, who was King Arthur’s legendary mentor, this stone is considered the “stone of self-mastery“. It exhibits traits of duality: black and white, day and night, light and dark. Merlinite waves its wand of energy in order to communication with the archetypal energies within nature itself, including the plant kingdom, mineral kingdom, animal spirits and the elemental allies, such as the fey folk, pixies, dryads and gnomes.
    This stone encourages the world of dreams and dreaming, teaching us the fundamental of mysticism, past incarnations and recollections. Wonderful stone to use at Samhain, as it eloquently lifts the veil between the spiritual and the physical planes assisting in contacting souls who have passed over. It opens one’s energy field to its innate capacity to serve as a channel for manifestation. It has the ability, as a good mentor would, to teach us to influence outer elemental processes in order to help empower our lives.
    The manganese present in Merlinite, makes it a rare version of this stone with tiny, druzy quartz crystals. This is a good reason why mystical Merlinite conjures up the reference as a stone of magic, wizards and alchemy. It encourages our connection with spirit and assists in our own spiritual growth. Symbolically, it’s black and white coloring is said to blend heaven and earth vibrations, allowing one access to multiple realms. It allows for a connective relationship between ourselves our environment. It enhance our organizational skills. Merlinite can help us to remain both open and approachable allowing us to access the Akashic records, to bring magic into our lives, draw on the powers of the elements and to embrace our inner shaman, witch or medicine man!