Mystic Merlinite Heart

Mystic Merlinite Heart

Width 5.3cm

Mystic Merlinite 

This stone is truly marvellous. It can be a powerful ally in learning as well as in various types of magic. A person who has this stone and who is interested in an invisible can develop psychic and intuitive abilities. Here, above all, we think of prophetic vision, clairvoyance and a reminder of past life knowledge.

Mystic Merlinite Stone can awaken those parts of the mind that are dormant and activate the full potential of the mind. This stone enhances the ability of the medium to converse with the spirits of animals, plants and other entities in the spiritual kingdom. This magical stone is associated with all energies and can help those energies to awaken and to know your potentials.
Mystic Merlinite is a stone that has a huge range of properties. One of its best features is that it can provide insight into the dark and bright side of being. In this way, this stone can help to bring the person occupied with dark thoughts to the right path and successfully see the bright side of life. When it strikes a balance between positive and negative thinking, it can build a stable life path and quality relationships with others.

When at the beginning of this process of discovery, a person has a task to accept one’s negative traits. Through love and acceptance, he will be able to forgive himself. Anything he learns about his dark side will allow him to truly understand other people. Thus, he will be able to find beauty and meaning in every new day.
Mystic Merlinite Stone has very lively and pulsating energy. This energy helps to get through the process. It can fill in all the fragments of a broken personality and lead to self-realization.
This gemstone interacts with all the chakras and brings them into balance. Your chakra line will be balanced from the crown chakra to the root chakra. With this stone, those people who dream very often will have very vivid dreams to remember and learn from them.