Native Pheasant Smudging Tool
  • Native Pheasant Smudging Tool

    Native Pheasant Smudging Fan
    $70 plus postage 
    Within-Citrine, Moss Agate & Smokey Quartz 
    Beading-Tigers Eye, Citrine, Black Moonstone & Smokey Quartz 
    This is not just a smudging tool, it’s a talisman and a tool to meditate with, to connect to its Spirit.
    Pheasant teaches about fertility and sexuality along with lending insight and growth within family situations. He aids in bringing healing to family matters with a renewed sense of closeness. Perceptions of old wounds have a chance to be reconciled as Pheasant will show the way to verbalize forgiveness and compassion. Pheasant also teaches the art of concealment and the power of perseverance and confidence. Is it time to surface with thoughts, ideas and opinions or a time to strategically wait patiently? Are you taking the initiative? Pheasant shows the balance of hide-and-seek of the heart, playing hard-to-get in love interests and understanding that new relationships are forming.