Peacock & Guinea Fowl Healing Tool
  • Peacock & Guinea Fowl Healing Tool

    Peacock & Guinea Fowl Healing Tool
    Use in meditation, as a wand, as a smudging tool & as a healing tool
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     Point:Black Kyanite 
    Within-Mookaite, Aquamarine, Fushite, Pink Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite & Smokey Quartz 
    Guinea fowls represent protection and groundedness. Watching them as they browsed in the grasses, a tribe of soul sisters chattering, trading stories and sharing secrets. It is a beautiful thing to be in the company of soul sisters and to have the love and support of a like-minded tribe. So many dreams are made with the support of fellow believers standing beside you – soul connections who are there to cheer you on, who believe in you and have so much faith in your ability to manifest the vision in your heart.
    Peacock will teach the power of watchfulness and the strength of mental, emotional and spiritual foundations and the structure and balance of those qualities. He allows greater wisdom to be accessed along with the awareness of the many different aspects of beauty that surrounds you. Peacock attunes us to see the entire moment with no past or future and instills confidence and dignity. There is an air of showmanship with Peacock so it's time to take pride in your endeavors.