Snake & Nankeen Heron Medicine Rattle
  • Snake & Nankeen Heron Medicine Rattle

    Snake & Nankeen Night Heron Medicine Rattle

    With Kangaroo Hide

    $180 plus postage

    Within Rattle head

    Amethyst, Mookaite, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Carnelian, Tigers Eye & Apothyllite

    Beading- carnelian, tigers eye & Canadian Jade

    Snake brings the shedding of the layers, healing the whole as we grow and evolve we have to let go of the layers that don’t serve.

    Heron brings tranquility and stillness for us humans. We need to understand these two elements well if we wish to recognize the opportunities in life. It signifies determination because we are bound to wade through marshes and ponds through life’s journey, but we must never give up. And to find stillness in reflection🙏🏿