Deep Insight

25th June 2018

Sunday night gifted me a lesson on things residing within myself. That a diamond in the rough could show me so much and also bring my own insurcurities forward, for me to unpack and truely look at them in fresh light. To see how much I don’t see myself in beautiful light, that I couldn’t imagine someone liking this curvy woman as she is or someone who actually listened to what i had to say, right from the ugliest parts within. Such a strange conversation last night, where two people actually listen to each other as friends with nothing judged. It was like taking off ya birthday suit and standing there truely naked. Talking about our pasts with no judgement or remark your living in it. Seeing how each persons path has created the person standing here today. To talk honestly about many subjects and feel absolutely safe. To take the piss out of each other, to remind each other life is fun when we let the walls down. Talk each other’s truth or view with no judgement or arguing the point. To look at each other’s woundings as something that made this person whole in such a indifferent way. That being a diamond in the rough can teach you so much about ourselves and who we are and that sometime we look for perfection we forget that imperfect is fine. And driving back up this morning a pair of Yellow Tailed Cockatoo’s came to me, Grandfather, speaking so loud, I smiled and thanked him for his message then stopping to pull Mr Possum off the road and lay him to rest- opportunities that are being presented, look and see them. So often we miss so much because we get so lost in our own fairytale and not see what’s truely in front of us. So last night gifted me a beautiful friend, who gifted me much, more than they will ever know. It is funny how new friends bring more than you bargained for. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Arohanui 

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