“When Man is Gone The Trees Will Still Remain”

My name is Steph; my business is Magically Eccentric. I’m a Complementary Health Practitioner, which covers a few different qualifications, some call me Shaman, Medicine Woman, Witch, Healer-but for me I am a Medicine Woman, this encompasses all I am. Shaman is not my right to use.


I believe in doing your passion, I get to do all mine. I work with clients doing Crystal Healings, Soul Retrieval, Massage, Beauty, Reflexology, Herbal Treatments, House & Land Clearings, also gridding properties. I teach Herb Classes, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing and Working with Animals to Make Tools. Teaching is something I am passionate about and love sharing. The Universe is pushing us hard to walk our truth and path, doing our passion. It helps balance this world in many ways.

I have been on my path for 28 years, it keeps evolving and changing. I think the biggest change is the guidance from my Spirit Guides, who also brought my work with Animals fully into my life, who I listen to and on occasion argue with, but they have the last say, so I trust in their guidance. Mother Earth gives us many gifts, as long as we aren’t abusing them, she loves for us to utilize them. Never take more than we need. And if I look back to my childhood, I see now that my path was already happening then.

I’m also the creator within Magically Eccentric, the maker of Shamanic & Wiccan Tools. I am guided by the animals and my Aboriginal Guide in what I do, listening to the medicine as I create each tool. These tools are channeled. I do custom ordered as well as create tools for stock to sell in shops, fairs & festivals. Not always am I allowed to use the animals I find, so they are given back to mother or brought home to be buried on my property, in ceremony and blessings. I’m grounded in Mother Earth, as I am her vessel, and I’m here to do her work. This work forever keeps blowing my mind, my constant teacher and healing for my own journey on this plain.

I have my own range of products that go by the name Pure Aroha- this range includes Flower/crystal Essences, Face & Body Care, House Clearing & Herbal Sprays. My essences blow me away to the power that dwells in them, made from WA bush flowers.

I believe our footprint should be small on Mother, and that we sit in heart with all we do.

My ethos is to make sure my footprints are small on Mother Earth and in balance and honoring o


Below  is the link to a Podcast I did with the beautiful Bec, this is a very raw and honest talk about my journey through life.

Episode 09 is now available to listen to with Stephanie Clark from Magically Eccentric. Very Powerful podcast. Thank you dear lady for sharing your wisdom with us all, deepest gratitude. Thank you for believing in us all and walking your wild path for yourself and now to teach others it can be done! Feel free to Subscribe, rate and review that would be much appreciated.

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