$225 for 2.5 hours

This treatment starts with smudging, then drum bath with traditional North American Indian Drum, crystals and crystal grids are laid out on the body, then a Vibrational Essence is chosen for your treatment & you are dosed with the Mother Essence, using my Chakra Awakening Oil, we Auric sweep your body and chakras, starting at head going down the body.


Energy healing is started leading to the feet for Reflexology, working the internal organs, the whole, channeling healing into the body, tuning into the cells & DNA for healing that needs to be done. Up to the head for Indian Head massage, energy holds on 3rd Eye & Crown, then to side of head, channeling healing within the matrix of the body.


Drum Bath to finish and Clearing Spray. Any messages or guidance that is passed on, you are given a dosage bottle of the Vibrational Essence to continue the healing process. Integration talk at end.


$120 for 1.5 hours

This treatment is about healing DNA and cellular matrix, also pulling the ancestral lines forward to start the clearing of layers of ancestral DNA, that are not needed anymore, also clearing any unbalanced energy’s within the body.


You are laid down, dosed with flower essence, crystals are laid out on your body, crystal grids are also laid on the body. Animal medicines are listened for, and if they  beckon, they are used on and around the body, bringing the power of the crystals and animals into the healing, making this a very powerful healing. You are smudged, then the healing starts, with the vibes of indigenous music taking you in. 

Integration talk at end.


Also the use of sound, chanting and instruments are used throughout the treatment, depends on what spirit calls forth. The treatment ends with a drum bath.

You get a bottle of vibration flower/crystal essence to take home to continue the healing and integration.


$270 for 2.5 Hours

We start with smudging, then drum bath. Dosed with Flower Essence. Then begins Soul Retrieval, claiming back the parts of your soul you have given over to others.


Then into a full crystal/animal medicine healing, the clear any unbalanced energy and re-energize each chakra, and balance the whole body. Sound can be part of this process, depending on what spirit decides. Reflexology to clear into a deeper level. Any messages or guidance that is passed on, and then essence is chosen to continue the healing process. 

Integration talk at end.


$100 for 1 hour in person

Not really new but have always done this in conjunction with other modalities, but it is now time to offer this on its own.

This is like talk through meditation that my Old Fella guides, it changes each time with each person, as he will pull different things forward to be done, this also connects you to this land. This is not a traditional North American Indian way; it has a more Aboriginal swing to it, as this is the land I walk on.

I use crystals-gridded under the pillows and on your body, I also incorporate animal

medicines-so you need an open heart and a trust in what I do. Animal medicines bring powerful medicine forward to help guide you through transition and reclaiming the lost parts of self.

At beginning you are smudged, dosed with an essence, Chakra Awakening Oil is used to awakening your senses and chakras. At the end of treatment you are drummed and sometimes voice comes into this, I listen and are gilded by my old fella.  Essence to take home to continue the work.

Integration talk at end.


45mins   $70

This can be done in person, via phone or through Facebook Messenger

Rapé Journey

Individual Session   $120

Allow 60-90 minutes


Group Session      min 4 people         $70 per person

Allow 60-90 minutes

Rapé is a legal sacred shamanic snuff medicine. Pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English. It is a powerful teacher carrying powerful Plant teacher spirits, where you can ask questions or hold specific intentions for each session. Rapé helps re-align and open all your chakras, improves your grounding, release any sickness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, opens up the third eye, de-calcifies the pineal gland, clears any mental confusion, releases and negative thoughts, removes any entities, connects you to your divine breath, and elevates your connection with Spirit. Rapé is a powerful, precious, profoundly healing and cleansing medicines. They are made from Amazonian medicinal plants, trees, leaves, seeds and other sacred ingredients. It is applied by using a pipe, which is blown through each nostril on both sides. Starting with the feminine side. Drumming, energy work, chanting, singing bowls, music and smudging is used to take you through your journey. Rapé isn’t the nicest of medicine- nose burning, brain hurting, eyes running, you may experience purging, vomiting, excess saliva, which is normal- where stuck energy, toxins and sickness are being released from your energetic and physical bodies. You must not ingest, all of what comes forward is to be spit out. Bucket provided, along with tissues. Also after ceremony you may also experience bowel movements and more purging.


Feeling something in your home or no balance in the land a sadness you can't put your finger on. Sometimes regular smudging just doesn't clear. We are also coming across homes and properties that are on aboriginal mascara sites where spirit is not at peace. We offer a service to clear Spirit and bring peace back to the land, allow the healing that has to happen.

House Clearing-basic     $150

this includes crystals (this consists of 3 crystals for each corner) to grid the corner of property clearing and rebalancing of the land, a pack of Deep Cleansing plus charcoals, clearing and taking Spirit to where they belong.


House & Land Clearing Deluxe      $300

With deluxe we use special copper rods-filled with crystals guided by my Old Fella, that heal the land and bring the vibration up on the land. Things that happen-everything grows better the vibration of the land becomes stronger and protective of those who reside on the land. These rods do 3 acres-there are 4 corner rods and then a center rod. the center rod is fatter and larger and has a different formula of crystals, as these rods are about abundance.

Extra corner rods are $25 each

We do the clearing of house and land, then put rods in. We leave you the Deep Cleansing to use.

House & Land Blessing   $50

A blessing honoring the traditional custodians of the land, Spirit and more to bring beautiful energy in, and clear anything that is not for our highest good.


$65 for 45min

The art of Champissage. Let us take away the stress, with face and head massage. Working the pressure points and massaging the tight muscles in the head, releasing all tension. This treatment is sublime. Clearing 3 of the major chakra centers.



$80  for 60 min

Thumb walking the feet, where the whole body is mapped. Working the internal organs. This brings balance to mind. Body and soul. This treatment is so powerful it can only be performed once every 7 days.


30 min $45

60 min $80

90min $120

You choose your style, Pregnancy(have pregnancy table), relaxation, deep tissue or Remedial. 26 years experience. 

Healing energy is channeled through, and energy holds done at different parts of the massage. Bringing you balance and relaxation to your whole being, releasing tension aiding sore muscles.



15 min $35

30 min $50

45 min $75

60 min $100

Let the feathers and crystals tell you , your story. They channel their messages to me, Spirit guides my way  & your energy tells me what I need to know. Read for the now, to sort the blocks. Look at the future, if spirit guides it. you chose 3 feathers, 3 crystals, I read these. If doing reading in person, I take your hand to read you more.

If we have time we open the tarot deck

for Skype, or messenger, where I record it and send it to you.

can pay by Paypal, direct deposit or Square


Pure Aroha Facials

Totally natural, no chemicals, totally plant based, just the bliss of

mother natures gifts. Cleanse, scrub, serum, facial

massage, clay mask, eye cream & moisturizer.

Product is Pure Aroha, it is a product I started creating and formulating 20 years ago, its all I use

30 min                                    $50

60 min                                    $80

Extraction Facial                    $100

Please ask about out prices for waxing and lash/brow tinting & shaping