Offering workshops throughout Australia, Now based in Redland Bay, Queensland, 4165. On 45 acres of beautiful bush.

Magically Eccentric creates experiences and learning opportunities for large or small groups.

Exploring Crystal healing, Animal Medicine and Herbal wisdom, workshops can be tailored to both beginners and experienced spiritual practitioners.

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One on One & Group sittings. Abiding to  COVID regulations, to make everyone feel safe.

Start with smudging and drumming to clear you, passing of the talking stick, to introduce self and your intent, drink the nectar that is Cacao, then lay down and allow me to take you on a journey into self to clear and bring the parts of your soul you gave away. Sound is used through this journey and at end, to aid in the healing process.

Cacao is a beautiful heart medicine, opening the heart and taking you into deep heart love, so very healing around emotional trauma.


one on one    $120

group (min 6) $65 per person


Full Day $150

This workshop is about the gathering of women & men, to bring forth the power of Mother Earth and her gifts to evolve and manifest for the future, to understand our blockages that stop us from moving forward to create our future. Also the understanding of her creatures that come to us, giving us messages .You are held in sacred space, with hands on healing offered through out the day.

The Program for the Workshop

Smudge and drumming of yourself. Evolution Essence dosage, Mother dose

and a bottle to take home to continue to use after workshop. Chakra Awakening

Essential Oil Aura Sweep. Manual


*Opening of space

*Passing of the talking stick- each person to intro and put forward a intent

*Intro of Animal Medicine up to 9 animals. Understanding their part in our lives, part of coming in tune with ourselves and listening. One of the old languages that has been forgotten.

Crow, Kookaburra, Kangaroo, Snake, Wedge Tail Eagle, Echidna, Cockatoo-White tail, Red Tail

& Silver Crested, Yellow Tail, Lizard, Owl

*Soul retrieval meditation


*Creating a manifestation book- book supplied


*How to program a crystal

Meditation with clear quartz point, this will be supplied​


Closing of circle







$15 per person

Welcome to to Wild Woods, where we sit in the womb of Mother Earth. This is open to both men & woman, to hold space for all, to rise as a collective. This will run once a month on a Saturday night. A time to sit in community, share and open our hearts. To allow everyone space to be heard and supported. Once a month there will be a guided meditation, Animal, crystal or plant medicine which brings forward the topic of the evening. Will open it up so its not always me doing the talking. Sharing to bring the sisterhood and brotherhood together. Thinking this time round its time to sing.....let alone the power of prayer. Also we will do Moon rituals to align to the energy of Grandmother Moon to bring the energy forward to aid in our journey. 

Cacao treats will be supplied to ground you.

Herb Teas



9.30am - 5pm, can run later depending on tools

This is a one on one workshop

This is a time to sit with sacred animal medicine and create a tool. Feel the vibration of what the animals carry, sit in total harmony with Mother.  I will guide you through the honoring of the animal and the creating. I will supply crystal beads, glue guns, sewing machine, ribbons and more. If need wood for handle please let me know as they will have to be prep in advance for the workshop.
If you have your own wings or bit please bring. If need a wing, let me know, can supply certain medicines. 

We start the day with a smudging and drumming, clearing your vibrations to go create. We honor all of what we are going to use, so this tool is made in total sacredness to the bird and to Mother

Raw chocolate treats supplied

Platter  lunch, please let me know any food concerns.



2 Hours

Welcome to the sacredness of prepping animals, to use in tools, for ceremonial, for alters.
A hands on 2 hour workshop that will cover birds and if the universe and Mother brings it, snake and lizard will be included. I will still go over how to honor, prep and dry.
 You will get notes to take home, so you will have a reference to go back to.
Come with a open heart and open mind. This is not for people with weak stomachs. 

We start the day with a smudging and drumming, clearing your vibrations to go create. We honor all of what we are going to prep,  sacredness to the animal  and to Mother, is held(depending on what has been collected is to what is being prepped)

Includes manual