Evolution Clearing Spray

Evolution Clearing Spray

This beautiful spray uses the combination of vibrational medicine, herb & essential oils to bring balance to oneself and clearing of any negative energies on you or in a room, grounding & nurturing. Spirit has led me too this formula and I give thanks to them and mother earth for her gifts.
White Sage Hydrosol-Sage is a powerful herb, which is held sacred in many religions due to its effective purifying energies. It heals by bringing us back in to balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. This potent herb has been used for thousands of years in several rituals and ceremonies. It is used in cleansing rituals to establish positive energy, clarity of thoughts and healing.
Geranium Essential Oil- helps to release anger and negative memories. It can be used for to calm and clarify any situation. Inhaling geranium can ease anxiety and tension on both a mental and physical level.Rose Essential Oil- is the mother of all flowers and can spark our intuition. This most rare and expressive oil captures

that which reins supreme. Rose oil is synonymous with unconditional love and brings with it the power to soothe the

mind's eye.

Vetiver Essential Oil-One of my favorites, reminds me of mother & her love. It is used for emotional grounding and

stabilizing the emotions. It is considered relaxing to an overheated, hyperactive mind and nurturing to an insecure selfidentity.

The oil may then be suited to the type of individual who constantly strives for perfection, but who loses touch

with the ability to absorb and replenish, not letting things just be.

Also contains Evolution Essence (see Evolution Essence info for ingredients), Vegetable Glycerine & Solubiliser.