Keeping knowledge Alive

Yesterday feeling overwhelmed, as it seems the New Moon has more of an effect on me than the full. I dropped my daughter off at work and head to get manuals printed. I found my concentration wasn't there, but got task done. Then headed out to Eastbourne to ground and hunt for paua shells, also pieces for creating with. I find peace there, allowing the wind to blow me clean, Tangaroa to absorb the energy that was surrounding me. Huge seagulls floated above me on the winds, circling reminding me the change in the psyche was happening.

I headed back over the hill to sit with some special hapeh that I had been gifted before I left Aussie. Needing to clear old energetic patterns out, as one had resurfaced. Sacredness of self when confusion arises, the knowing that a lot is out of my hands, the Universe has plans and it can be overwhelming when you see what is before me.

Today I'll head bush to harvest Kawa Kawa to make medicine.... Ground myself into the energy of Tane's children. I surrender to What's before me, knowing that fear has no place. And that all is well in my world. That knowledge that I will be spending more time at home next trip, doing what I do best healings weather it be the land, or people or creating tools.

I long to carve Manuka and feel it's vibration as I work with it. I set my intent last night for a base here in NZ to work from, as I have 2 homes, New Zealand and Aussie, and my time will be spread between them. Giving me time with my grandchild to teach her my skills. As it must be passed down, knowledge must be kept alive Arohanui

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