Evolution of shedding

Much teaching and shedding happening, with frog medicine and my mentor guiding me.

When I will not slow down, the Universe goes “well ya stubborn biatch, if you won’t slow down, ill make ya”. And boom, along comes head cold slash flu, to put me in the hole for another round of clearing the shit.

When I think I have got a handle of everything, I am getting another round at looking at myself deep within.

My biggest learning in the last 6 months, which has been the bringer of peace, within me.

Is that it does not matter who is doing what, qualified or not, its their journey, my journey is integrity with all I do, and what I deliver.

It does not matter if someone does the same as me, ONLY I can deliver what I do, my way, with my energy, that keeps it all original. We all attract people who are attracted to our energy, there is enough for everyone, there is no competition.

We are all unique, and we all have something to offer to someone, who will benefit greatly from this.

We are all on equal playing field.

That the greatest gift to myself, is honouring me totally.

With the work I am doing with my mentor, this is such a deep dive into how patterning happens. And with my last session with him, I have a new Mantra. My new mantra is to change old thought pattern-I am secure right now, I approve of myself, everything I can control, is under control, I celebrate me!!! Following by a dance to celebrate myself. My mentor is a legend, his perception is so in tuned. So funny at the beginning I struggled with the fact of spending so much money on me, shit it could have brought a few new things, needed but this was a total gift to me, to help me grow. I have no regrets. I am worth it.

The more I surrender, the more I remove the blocks or walls, the more I open new paths, the more I see I am totally supported in my work, to the point it is overwhelming, even down to custom tools. This has also taught me, that boundaries play an even bigger part in my life.

I am secure in myself to walk my path, I do not feel lonely because I walk this path single. Man will turn up when the time is right. I am also strong enough to know what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable, when it comes down to man entering. In past I have allowed men in for the wrong reasons, now everything must be for the right reasons and not because I settled. I am content in myself, to be with me. Fuck 15 years ago I could not say that it shows me how much I have grown within.

Every step I take, into the release of what does not serve. I feel more empowered in the path I walk.

And I think this is what we all must remember. We only must worry about our own back yards, its never greener over the fence, that honouring self-first, is so important. That being the ass in assumption, does not work. Find your centre, and your truth because that is all that counts. Everyone has opinion, its their opinion, only your opinion matters for you. We cannot control the world, but we can control how we react to it. When it feels crazy and out of control, come back to heart, focus on breath, take 10 big deep breathes, the crazy won’t be so crazy. And if you need to talk, reach out to someone you trust, you are never alone. Finally love the amazing being you are, you are a stunner.

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