The Learning & Understanding

I got home late last night, the serenade of the frogs & crickets, was amped up. This rain has brought them out to play. This rain is a gift so needed. The cleansing of Mother Earth and the cleansing of self, the fires getting drenched. I have entered this year trying to shake a virus that came out of working hard at festivals. Much was learnt and this year sees me step back from fairs, and only do the odd one, focus more on my custom tool making and my new job. I have sat and created this years manifestation board, my gratitude diary is in full swing and I’m sitting in deepest gratitude, but challenged by exhaustion at mo. I sit profoundly at the doors opening before me. And at wonder of all. Life blows me. When we follow our passion, all can be ours. This year I have walked alone for 13 years bar a couple of very short oops, men who taught me some harsh lessons. Mentally, financially and spiritually. I have realised I am in the best place I have even been in to allow that someone special in. Allow room in my life for this. There is a man, he is a friend and as much as I would love more from him, I have no expectations of him, and are happy if we are only friends. How have I grown. This man, weather he knows it or believes it, is good enough, is amazing and a beautiful being. So I sit in gratitude for his friendship. And I sit at the wonder of the growth within myself to find peace. I know that we can’t please everyone in our lives, that people judge, that people listen to Chinese whispers, and that when we remove people from our lives, there is always good reasons for this. But the people we allow to stay in our lives, the close friendships, they are the special friends. I look towards the Universe and know his sense of humour is twisted, but I trust him and all he lays before me. And even get why this man is in my life as a friend. Teachings and understanding. To understand myself better. To find anything lurking within, that needs to go. For this learning, I’m thankful.And I know I’m fine walking my path alone, that if I commit to a man, I will be fine. I know the world is unbalanced, but I trust the energy is changing, that more people are awakening and I have hope. I sit with Mother & her children and trust in their teachings. My world is fine, and very beautiful. My cup is always full, even through the ruff moments. Trust yourself, believe in yourself and love you, This is the most important thing🙏🏿 

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