Universe the forever Teacher

The Universe gave me a bitch slap on the weekend, burning the candle at both ends has put me on my arse, with head cold turned chest infection. It is the Universes way of saying if you will not slow down, I will make you. Funny how we do not listen to our bodies when all the warning signs are happening.

Within this busyness I have also become the observer of my surroundings and the listener. Reflection and listening, so valuable but also it brings a huge awareness of undercurrents happening.

I find that at the moment the great divide is at work. It is happening on so many levels that at times, I shake my head. Right now, we should all be rising together- men & woman, we must do this together, yet I hear woman elders getting put down because they are using something not traditional. The uniqueness of what we all have to bring is what makes this a beautiful melting pot. Tradition is important but so is being you. This put down is from certain men. There is judgement as well. This is shameful. We are posed to build each other up not run each other down. Even woman play this game. It is not solely the men. I do know that when we put down, that there is personal wounding’s evolve, personal ego, and a lack in some way. Also, the only people we can judge is ourselves. Yes, we are back in feminine energy, the Devine goddess but without the balance of the masculine we have nothing. We need to walk in harmony together. I am single, but I am blessed with beautiful brothers I can sit with and enjoy their wisdom and energy. I sit in gratitude that we are walking this journey together. And the men that they are.

There is also the great covid debarkle. We all have feelings and our own truths around this. The put downs and attacks if you feel differently to the norm or believe in the norm. This energy creates a widening of imbalanced energy. We are all one, no matter what we believe. We need to come into heart, and realise everyone’s awakening is at their own time, and some may never go down the rabbit hole, that to is fine.

Life is vibration. We are all sitting in times of change where our vibration is the most important thing. There seems to be allot of focus on competition. There is no competition, it is what you bring to the playing field that attracts people, abundance, and manifestation of dreams. When gossip or put down is the focus, it lowers your vibration. Which effects manifestation. It is also that energy, it does not matter what others are doing, it only matters what you are doing. And if things are not going to plan for you, or there’s hurdles, look deep within and see you. The hardest thing we must do is look deeply at ourselves and see our own wounding’s. Even I have to look deep, when mirroring is happening, seeing my own triggers that may be stopping me. And have an honest talk with me.

The only side of the fence I am interested in, is mine. My focus is to up my game always, but only for the good of me and others. Animals keep it simple; ego is not part of their make-up. Even the plants and trees, if you listen carefully, they are speaking of balance, connection, respect, and oneness.

There is a beautiful synergy around us. We can tap into this and create amazing ripples that flow out to the Universe, which brings a flow on effect back to you. When we sit in this, we know true love of all, true balance within the cosmos and harmony the rides within.

Artist- Josephine Wall

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