Energy Disjointed

Lately I have found I am really sensitive to energy, and even in the energetics of food and the people I surround myself in. I find when people are firing negative energy at me or projecting their own shit, I feel it intensely. When we take pot shots at people, even on facebook land or via text or email, we are lowering ourselves to shit vibration. This happened yesterday and it threw me, as I was driving and by the time I got where I was going, I felt horrible. I was blessed that Aunty Liz turned up in the shop and did some energy work with me. Removed this off me. And a lesson to shield better. And listen to Aunties advice. I'm going through huge change in my life at moment. With the journey on Saturday night and the removal of hooks from many people, I have realized that this isn't the only clean up I have to do. That the Universe is showing me, that a few more friends are getting dropped. We all have our own path and our own lessons. We have to look deeply at the mirroring that someone gives us, and also look at our own truths and emotions. When we accuse people, are we in fact not looking deep enough within to see what really is going on. When things are going wrong, we need to look at our actions, thoughts or why. We all play a part. People have a habit of not owning their stuff or their mistakes. A wounding of ego that goes "it wasn't my fault". How often we need to look in our own mirror and see ourselves-the good, the bad and the ugly. We are human and we have short comings. This convo has been in much discussion in the last few days with my magical brother. This brother can pull me up short, and I will listen, but he is also blunt, about allowing people who are not here for our highest good. I love this refreshing convasation. We are allowed to draw boundries, we are also allowed to remove people from our lives. And it doesn't matter what they say about you, their energy with you doesn't count. Its like abundance or manifestation.....when we let go of old worn out ways or thought patterns and trust. The whole Universe conspires to bring magic into your life. This I see every day of my life and especially with the change that is coming, the right doors are opening, and everything is falling into place. At times I feel emotions rise and I breathe. For me it comes back to trust. I have worked hard over the years of cleaning up my addictions, the real work of letting go of crutches. I gave up weed About 15 months or more ago, it didn't align with me anymore, it actually took me down a rabbit hole of depression, when I smoked, that was it telling me, I don't need it anymore. Alcohol has been another cut back. Im not the girl who has to hide down the bottle anymore, nor is it a need in my life, but I still enjoy a glass of wine, but they are few, as it can put me on my ass, as I found out, being out for dinner, 2 glasses. But i'm not going to say i'm a spiritual purest. I'm spiritual but I like that fact my other foot is grounded in the lets talk shit, take the piss and have a laugh realm as well. I wont apolegise for having a glass of wine, nor will I take on someones judgement for this. Guess what, that's their problem. I feel we need to be real. I feel we need to see ourselves truely. We also need to remember there are always 3 truths-yours, the other persons and the real truth. Human nature, to tell a story. The only story we need to understand is our own and the shadow we need to see and love. 

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