For me it has been a quiet and reflective time. I have been sitting with Owl medicine, observing everything and everyone. And observing myself and how I react. Its also been a time of inner looking and healing as my body goes through change.

With observing, I think what I have noticed the most and it saddens me, is gossip or the sharing of the gossip or that put down, because other people are doing the same thing, or the ego of there is only my way or he/she copied me. Or a belief system in that you are the only one’s who can do this the right way. Is there a right way???? Even in the medicine circles so much disharmony when there should be harmony. Who gives a fuck what the others are doing, just worry about what you are doing.

Where people sell themselves sexually or a look, to get a bigger audience. I must be old fashioned, and find inner power in a man or woman, that is not all about "look at me", totally sexy, totally powerful, and totally showing me strength of character, and Mana. Yes marketing self is important, in business but I think about all these young girls and boys, who are looking towards society for guidance and to fit in, yet magazines, tv and all media platforms sell so much bullshit, and we wonder why suicide is high in the teenage bracket.

When did we lose ourselves so much, in our path? That we forgot that we attract people by our energy, what we have to give, by who we are and what we give out. And there is no competition. Everyone is beautiful not matter of shape, size, colour, or culture.

When I was young, I got lost in the competition. Actually, I was a lost soul, trying so hard to fit in and be accepted that in many ways I had lost myself in trying to find myself. I got lost in the ego of competition. I gossiped and I took someone’s story on someone else as truth. But like allot of people, as I evolved and started walking my path of healing myself, my outlook changed. I also realized a few things

1. Do not be the ass of assumption

2. There is 3 truths-your truth, their truth, and the actual truth. And people will only believe what they want to believe

3. That there are people who are going to copy your work, be flattered, but remember only you bring your energy forward, no one can replicate your energy

4. There is always going to be someone who judges or gossips about you, the art of emotion is to not give a fuck!!!

5. You must fall in love with yourself to love another

6. We all have stories-our pasts, is our maker. But no one’s story is less than someone else’s. Our stories have all affected us in different ways, trauma is trauma.

7. If you want the truth, ask the person you are hearing a story or gossip about, if they want to tell you then be honourable and do not repeat. If they do not tell you, it was none of your business.

8. Everyone has opinion, remember it is their opinion, they are allowed to think like that, shit if I opened my mouth about how I feel and believe with what’s going on in this world, I would be branded many labels.

9. You do not have to be friends with everyone, nor do you have to like everyone, but you can play nice

10. Do not lie, it brings mistrust

I have realised now, I do not have to be part of the in crowd, nor do I have to be accepted by the in crowd. As long as I am being honourable in my path and having integrity with my work, that is all that counts.

We must all remember to shine our own light. We must all remember to be the best version of ourselves. Trust your gut instinct, it never puts you wrong, but first cage that monkey and put a gimp ball in its mouth, so its not poo pooing your gut. Be grateful. Look at life as though your cup is always full no matter what is going on, its all relative, its all energy. Have healthy boundaries, give back to yourself. Its alright to say no.

There will always be people watching you, ready to gossip, ready to pass judgement but they do not matter. Only you matter!!! Its all a mirror of reflection, everyone brings reflection on some level, sometimes the reflection triggers you or them.

Love and like the person you are, you have much to give to others. You do not have to be in the limelight to do this, the limelight is not for everyone. I know I prefer practising Tawny’s medicine, positive camouflage, the people I am to help turn up. I am also not everyone’s cup of tea, that is fine, but I am my cup of tea.

Artist unknown

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