Awaken and Be True

Been pondering the Awaken person, and know this journey must happen for all, some will take longer and hit walls along the way, stuck in old energy stories, because they cling to fairy tales. But that is their fairy tales and theirs to learn that the veils must come down.

I think what really confuses me is how some of the awaken don't know how to communicate and speak. Throat chakra sits in fear or that the treatment of people is to sit in silence and being afraid, than to feel truth.

That to speak truth involves the use of substances to give courage to speak, to be truthful. I always remember a poem from years ago that had a verse "Don't ring me when you find courage at the bottom of the bottle at your weakest moment" This verse has sat with me for years. As I've been that person, when men in my life have rung me at their weakest moment.

I know we can't drag people through their own awakening, that is their journey. We have to learn and take our own power back, stand tall and realise that our journey truely begins when we all stand in our power, when we speak our truth and treat people with honesty and fairness. Don't let fear be your governing source, it's not freedom of the heart and it leaves your soul chained. Awaken and be true.


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