Changing colors

Since getting back from home, I have felt my energy change within my body. And as my body has healed from the virus that snuck home with me, even more notice in my energy. But I think what really has blown me is my eyes have changed colour.

Over the years my eyes have gone from blue to hazel. In my younger years my eyes changed with my moods. But in the last few days more golden colour has shown up. I feel clearer and feel inspired. Have sat today making tools for 2 beautiful brothers, feeling love for these men, feeling blessed to have them in my life, as I create this love into their tools.

Feeling spirit show me my connection to spirit as I sit making. Trying not to bloody a tool as I hand sow, as the needle pricks my finger. Even taking the dogs to the beach for a run, picked up a Galah, just reminding me of the joy I feel in my life, and my path and the peace I have within much wonder at all in my life....and so much smile went Galahs cross your path as they remind you of their joyful energy, and bring that energy into yourself and feel the joy vibrate out.


#energy #body #healing #love #tools #spirit #joyful

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