Skeletons and Boundaries

This week has been a greeting of the past, with people coming back into my life, or a passing memory that surfaces or the passing of someone who caused pain or people trying to come back into my life that aren’t welcome. The old phrase the skeletons are coming out the cupboard jumps to mind. It is funny how a trip home can be the trigger for so much.

Its about closure for the future, its also about boundaries, healthy ones. Because not everyone has to be in our lives. There is choice. And how we react. But for me I find it a teacher of how far I have come and how much peace I've found in this lifetime. My past doesn't lurk behind me, its at peace, and I'm at peace with it. In the past id run away from the past, and man have I ran, top of New Zealand, across the ditch to Aussie and around aussie, but now i embrace it. Its closure, for others more than me, because i found closure in the middle of cancer.

I also know, the people I catch up with next trip home, there is a reason for this catch up, I have no expectations just a open heart and a open mind, and know these meetings have to happen. But I have boundaries, and there are still people not welcome in my life. And in the last few days there have been a few get in contact. It comes down to energy and intent, and Lion's Gate looms in my mindset, Mastery of Self for the future. So I sit in wonder of the full circle that is happening, the power of the Lion's Gate I am feeling, and embrace this energy. I am weaving the full manifestation of my future right now, and it is already showing me its working. Thank you Jacinda Clark for your offer, love you my niece. You confirmed im on the right path. I love the fact the skeletons are walking up to me to show me where I've come from to where i am now- peace.


#boundaries #teaching #skeletons #trigger #growth #change #acknowledgment

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