Dove Medicine

As I go through Round 7, I found myself a bit emotional, and looking again at my wounded feminine. Ive made peace with the male abuse, but now I have to look at the wounding from woman that has pass through my life, over the years, how much it has left old emotional traits. And my part in this. Just sitting with the layers and releasing.

Another realization that other peoples opinions, wounded stories really dont matter anymore, that people don't realise your going through your own stuff. Also people get busy in life and work, that taking time for self away from humans is alright. I matter, those I cherish matter, and all will be and peace is mine.

And just confirmation when sitting down to fin tools, the first tool is Wild Dove and using Mookaite for the clearing of ancestral stuff that has no place any more bar to be honoured and released, peace, but also while completing the tool, a dove sat in the Fragapani tree, watching me complete, sharing its beautiful medicine with me. That we have to have these moments to grow, get our path heading in the right direction. Fragapani being a guardian as well.....spirit just keeps showing me how much we are guilded even through the sheddings that need to happen for healing thy self. Feeling very blessed for this journey. Arohanui

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