Balance with family

Let me tell you a story about cancer and melanoma. My story for the last 6 months. I'm writing this for my mum, you see I didn't tell her, because I didn't want to worry her, she is also a nurse and her and I believe very differently these days, and the way of doctors is not how I see things with cancer. See my Mum is not a Facebook person so rarely goes on it, but she did a few days ago, and found out. I felt bad as a daughter when she rung, as I love and respect this woman hugely, and are grateful I choose her as my mother. You see my mum worries about her children, grandchildren & great grandchildren, and has also been through cancer herself. So I didn't want to worry her or stress her out about the path I choose to walk in dealing with cancer. Mum I love you deeply. I don't want mole scans as it feeds fear, I have lots of moles and keep an eye on them, and treat them if they appear to be changing. I believe cancer is caused by deep, fucked up paths that happen in life, where pain, trauma & negative emotions are at play. Where ancestral DNA comes to play repeatively down the generations, that bunks down in our cells and DNA, ready to awaken and teach lessons. So 6 months ago, a tiny pin head of a freckle got sore and my skin concave under it. And that was the start of my journey. Doctors wanted to cut it out. Not my thing, have done a lot of reading on melanoma, and airing the area can cause it to spread. So I opted for what I know and have been working with cancer patients myself. Plus a lot of journey work, deep into myself, understanding the emotions that lay at the root of it. Mothers Healer, internally and externally, was my herbs of choice, also a heavy duty liver cleanse and very strong immunity booster. Not an easy road has one of the herbs is quite harsh on ya gut. Also the aftercare of Maori & Aboriginal medicine combined with high rate of Frankincense Essential Oil.Now videos on YouTube, one miracle application and it's done- nope this was not the case. My 3rd application I went into meltdown, it was oozing pus and more had come up. Not long after that I sat a journey looking at my wounded feminine, what a hard journey, I got shown all my past lives as a woman where I was abused or killed, the sacred feminine was beaten down. You see the cancer is on my left in the lower part of my leg, it's about me standing in my power, and walking true for myself. Next I sat with a man from Mexico, this night changed my life forever, and the lessons I learnt that night have sat with me. I fed my cancer to the sacred fire this night, the journey was painful, the cancer was hurting, as I dived into the wounded masculine that has held me strong for a long time. A beautiful sister held space for me, which gave me strength. I learnt that night, to let go of fear. Have so much gratitude to the man from Mexico and his teachings. I had a secondary come up, and treated it. 3 treatments and it's gone. I learnt in a journey that melanoma is a spiderweb in how it spreads through the body, but we feed the web If we base our thoughts and emotions in the negative. I have done many solo journeys on my own, one took me into dark night of the soul, such a insight into self. I have just done round 9 on the primary and only one spot came up in 3 x 5cm area, I am out the other side, and feel elated. It wasn't just herbs and journeys that got me here, diet is a huge factor, also letting go of all negativity. I will not feed negativity into anything in life or around me. I have also realised I have to live my life for myself- not for my family or clients or friends, but truely for me. So huge change is ahead for me, and the joy of the unknown is exciting. I will say this journey is not for everyone, this way of healing you have to be committed to, as it's not an easy road. And I don't knock modern medicine, it has its place, but for my journey, this is my path. So Mum, I am fine and healthy, you raised an incredible young strong woman, who will never lay down and give up. I love you deeply, and when I see you in January I'll tell you of my journey into self. Remember love yourself and honour yourself, first and foremost. Arohanui

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