I know these days I'm very sensitive to energy. Find it hard to be around harshness, negativeness, or people who push energy that is not for good reasons, and ego can be at play, or dumping grounds. And my protection is pretty good I thought, but no. Friday was my cracking point, and watching a snake being run over, was what I needed to let go. My body was on empty. So glad Naf was with me, support, understanding and unconditional love from a sister. After a beautiful raw lunch. Home to sit with rapè then, meditation with grids and on me. Went deep, went well past my timer. Brought out by phone vibrating. Felt groggy but body felt 100%. Again today another crystal gridding and meditation, as did a fair on the weekend, dumping ground for those coming. My body was doing hot flushes the whole day, but my lower back began to ache, I know where it was coming from, mirror up and around me. Trying to do tools today, was hard to concentrate. But after the healing -bang, clear and no lower back pain. The more our vibration rises and we walk in truth, love, own our shite and be in heart. The less we can be in harshness or negativity. That we need to weave mirrors around us to reflect back what's not ours. But sit in truth with what is ours. I find Mana is lacking these days, or the realisation that people are busy, and may not have time or going through their own wounding/healing process. We get so involved in our own stories. But if we look around, everyone has much going on. For me, I'll be honest I prefer animals to humans, but I'm blessed that my close crew are amazing brothers and sisters, who make me laugh, see me truely and give great hugs. And a few of them have watch me spit the dummy, lol Banshee comes to mind. But I have to be pushed to breaking point. So I have gratitude for them. So important, cleanse yourself, every day by smudging or clearing sprays, have Epsom salt bathes, lay down and meditate with crystals on you, go to someone for a healing. Remember even the Healer needs healing, I'll be seeing someone I trust this Friday before I head south. As I know my body needs it. A gift to me. So gift yourself Arohanui

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