Passion what is it....the path we should be walking, what lights up our soul, ignites our imagination and bangs our heart right open. And to fully step up in what Spirit has been guiding and whispering in my ear. Realizing my teacher isn't here and maybe I am my teacher, as all is in our DNA, what we need to know, that comes to the surface when it's time. As I have found out of late. Lately many downloads, nearly head butted a client, the download was that intense, the funny thing, I don't remember downloads till time is right, you see I argue with spirit, so they keep me in the dark till time is right. As this year comes to a end, I have been reminded in more ways than one that I need to walk my passion. I've been working 7 days a week for a month of late. And my passion has suffered-see my passion doesn't give me a living I can live from, so I step back into my training. I will always give 100% and do my best but it isn't my love nor my passion. Hence vertigo has paid me a visit to teach me about balance, this time vertigo has a twist, every time someone comes near me who isn't sitting in heart, or anger or negative, my vertigo intensifies, spinning me 360. Amazing learning experience. My tool work has suffered as not having the time to do or vertigo has the better of me that I can't focus or bring the energy forward to create. Nor get in the kitchen and make products. Coming home from work energetically tired, is not a time to create, as energy is low.And night time is catch up with my own clients. My focus at mo is my trip home then save for the shift, as I'm more than ready to go. Closer to my family and back to bush that reminds me of home, and a small community. So today I'm rewriting my resume and taking a leaf out of a beautiful brothers book, a honest intro about me and what I want in a job, for when I shift, so I attract a job that lights me up, part-time so I'm always walking with my heart wide open. These energies of late have been a huge teacher, 2016 has not been a smooth ride but man she has slapped us into looking deep into ourselves, and honouring ourselves. So look deep, what is your passion, when you know go do it and don't look back. Don't worry what people think or say, just live your passion. Arohanui

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