Energy of the Inner Being

Inspired by a friend or as she put it, putting the movitivation up me arse, after reading the poem below to her. We had a dicussion about the energy of now, reminded that both of us keep our inner circles very tight and small, who we confide in, who we really trust. As allot of people are still stuck in old ways that include gossip, who gossip to be liked, expanding on truth to twist to make them look good or have not found their voice to actually speak truth. Being blunt and honest seems to be hard for them, still stuck in fear or wanting to look good amongst their peers. I ask at what cost does this come. How does this low based energy support the consiousness as a whole. To me it doesn't, it weakens your field, your energy and attracts the same low grade energy to you. Now Im far from perfect, and suffer foot n mouth disease quite regular. Once told my brain doesn't engaged before I open my mouth, yes and no....why are we so afraid to speak truth, if its coming from heart. Also told its a Aries thing, but our birth charts are more than one sign, unless me who is dominated by Aries and other fire signs in my chart. But thats not my reason for speaking truth. I'm so over bullshit, thats my reason. I spoke to a beautiful brother, a few months back, about my feelings I had developed for him, butterflys making a mess of my gut. But it cleared the air and I still have amazing friendship with this brother, and I found peace with my feelings, and found love comes in many forms. This confession made me grow in so many ways, also never be afraid to talk truth and be honesty. To me it was another step into my power as a woman, as me. Men and woman need to be warriors, loving, soft and gentle all in one. As Mother is calling us forward to make change, to stop being meek and following people because fear has stop people walking their truth and not honouring theirself. I learnt I don't need to me loved by everyone, shite im not everyones cup of tea, and thats cool. I have amazing friends and family around me and thats all that matters. If you want to be honest I'm opinated, my sister and daughter would agree, I laugh as it runs in the family. They may argue that point lol.....but we all need to realise words gather energy weather it be positive or negative, it all depends on what to are saying. We need our men walking with us, in this new energy, as us woman can't do it alone, we need the musculine energy, holding space and supporting us, as we do the same for them. We need to look at our motives to whats fueling us, and what we doing, if its in heart or not. For me can't handle harsh or aggressive energy, nor can I stand liers or twisters of truth. I get very protective over those around me who I care for deeply. I try to use my path in life to help people who come to me for help or an ear to just listen. But we are our biggest makers in this life, and we have to get off the circles we keep walking, and talking the same story, because if we don't get off it and make change, we are repeating the story. Doesn't that get tiring, or even boring to be going over the same bullshite time and time again. I know for me, I've stepped up into myself to honour myself and my beliefs, and what makes me tick. And what makes us tick is different for each of us, be bloody boring if we were all the same. So as we go into the New Year, step up, honour yourself, let go of the bullshite, and live fully for yourself. Release old beliefs that need to go. And call in amazing things for next year. For me, I head to Balingup to be with close friends for New Years, harvest medicines from the bush and just be, as I have made intent for changes for next year which will be huge for me, but I don't fear it, I welcome the new journey into the unknown. Manifest gentle warriors, all your wishes. Happy New Years

Women are the warriors our times call for.

Some people make the mistake of thinking women are only gatherers … gardeners … that they can only dig and pick and cultivate and hide.

I tell you that women are the strongest, smartest and most dangerous hunters the world has ever seen.

Individually, they may be physically overpowered, but in planning, in vision, in purpose and explosive action, they can’t be beat.

Any honest man will admit there is nothing that fills them with awe so much as their partner when she has made up her mind. She has become an unstoppable, indomitable will. If it’s against him, he’d better start running!

There’s a narrative that women are weak, that they’re vulnerable, that they are somehow less intelligent or capable than a man.

Well, they said that about serfs, about slaves, about people from other races. They say it about anyone they want to control.

You see, it’s the storytellers that rule the world.

And we repeat their stories.

It’s time for a new chapter.

It’s time to write a new reality.

It’s time to stand up and tell your story.

You are only vulnerable when you let others define you as vulnerable.

You are only weak if you let them convince you it’s true.

You are only ‘less than’ if you believe it.

Women are warriors. They are the ones who run with wolves, the ones who follow the moon. They are the ones who give life and they are the first story tellers their children will hear.

Women have all the power of humanity. All the power to shape the world.

Are you waiting for permission? Give it to yourself.

Are you waiting for your time? It’s now.

Are you waiting for a sign? Look around.

You are the linch-pin, the tipping of the scales.

The moment you say you’ve had enough. The moment you rise …

Everything changes.

We are in a battle for a future that our children, grandchildren and theirs can grow in, be safe in, be challenged in.

Part of it means taking time for yourself, for silence, to breathe and renew. Part of it means to let go for a while. You've been carrying heavy burdens.

There will be men who cling desperately to the idea that they have power over you. Outsmart them. Outmaneuver them. Out plan and out-strategize.

There are so many more good men willing to be your allies, willing to be your support, willing to be your partners. We are your sons, after all.

We are in a battle for the soul of the planet.

And you are that soul.

You are the warriors.

And this is your time.

hiy hiy. (author unknown)

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