Change is a interesting concept to go through. I'm finding this a huge concept for me, as I pack down my life, clearing old stuff, and it has been a very emotional time. You see this is the longest that I have stayed still in one area, let alone one home, I have gyspy feet, love adventure and seeing whats out there, as I'm not afraid to do this. But what has disturbed me the most is peoples negatives about my shift, or fore seeing my future as hard- my future isn't written yet, im creating it as I go forward or just treating me as darn right stupid, and then theres the crap people are trying to dump in my lap. I have got to the stage in my life what people say behind my back, thats theirs and if they want to play games-I'm not playing. It makes me realise why my inner circle is small and tight. Someone posted an article about divorcing spirituality-fuck I can understand why....such ego and game playing in this time and space, where sitting in heart is a front for other shite going on within them. I come from a crew back home, when we trust our gut, and when someone is smiling like the silent assasin, be aware and put a dart board on back to catch the knives. Mirroring, projecting and more is happening at the moment as we ride the energy of change. Why can't we just be happy for people, why can't people be glad to see you go off and follow your dreams. Perth was a place I came back to, to close doors and meet some people I needed to meet, go through cancer and learn how strong I can really be, to learn deep wisdom, and start my journey with tool work, which ignites me in so many ways. We need to support each other, realise we attract who we are meant to be around, help or guide, but guidence is really taking someone around in a circle within, as all the answers lay within if we look deep enough. Helping someone honour themselves, help them up when they need that hand and just sometime listen. East coast has been calling me back for a while now, the lush of the bush, to be closer to my family, closer to my Bumma family, closer to my irish family. Family is such important thing for me now. I want to see my grandys more often, be there for my Mum and daughter, its the small things that make your heart beat wildly at the love you feel for people who make you feel grand. Dont get me wrong I have a great crew here, had a Sister call in yesterday to see how I was going, she let me ramble and get stuff off my chest, as I'm feeling overwhelmed at moment and trying to breath, as I fin orders an tools for the road, let alone make products and pack/clean........I'm rebirthing myself, where the road calls me to wander, where my home will be is undecided, but I do know the area sort of lol, letting the Universe place me where I'm to be. All I know is im looking forward to returning to the tropics for a few months, besties and crocs what more could a girl ask for. So when you go to jump on someone, down their choices or dreams, or twist we stories in ya head and tell the story to people who will listen-think of Karma, because the Universe is listening to all our words, the good, bad and careful on what you manifest. I always like a saying that no matter how beautiful a person is on the outside, if heart and soul is darken by fear and uglyliness it goes right to the bones of a person. And this is all they can feel for themselves and others. Be real, be love, be happy for people walking their dreams. We are not all here to walk the same path, far out how boring would that be. And if you can't be happy for someone, keep it to yourself, and look at the reflection within you,as to why you can't be happy for them. Arohanui

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