Illumination of Luner Self

Before I left Perth, I started getting visions just before I going to sleep state, it's like a black n white movie playing in my mindset. Since moving east they have got more frequent, animals are always part of them- I laugh at this, of course. The last one I had was just before the new moon/lunar eclipse-a single bat flying at me. And I'm back in Bat country, they remind me of many ways why FNQ is special to me. Not always do these visions make sense to me, and sometimes I'm so close to my dream/sleep state, I just about mistrust what I'm seeing. But don't, knowing these messages are meant as guildence for me. Spirit has very different ways of talking to us, trying to get its guildence to us. It's very freeing to know that Spirit has ways to guild us, give us that gentle shove or even a huge shove when we stop believing. The eclipse brought powerful energy with it, she was vibrating change and even chaos for many. Even for me, I wrote my manifestations of what I want in my life. Sometimes we think we know we have all our apples lined up, to only realize there was a bend in the line or even a wall, trying to show that we are not walking our truth, in the way the Universe wants us to do this. To listen to self and be shown why the road blocks are there, why its not easy when we are not in the right place for this time. I believe in myself, sometimes it gets shown by Universe why things are happening, like my heart, its been playing its own bongos again, pushing my blood pressure up, and in the last 2 weeks I have been to my doctors more, than I have ever been in my life. Not only that a Spider decided to make a meal out of me, one night as I went to sleep,all of them ulcerating, all up my masculine bar the one in my never regions-bang on root chakra, 2 days before that I had a go at cracking my ribs at work. Now thats 3 things. Now my heart is telling me im not following my hearts desire, and that hearts desire is part of the Universe's plan for me. My truth in my passion and my love for what I do. Even the animals that have been coming to me have slapped me around the face because I put the breaks on. My ribs, a reminder of the burdern that im carrying that I don't have to carry, its my own placement of this. Then comes Spider, he wasn't happy to bite me once, he had four goes, as he walked up my body. 4 means It is possible that this message has something to do with building a foundation of sorts. Potentially, your angels are trying to tell you that it is time to focus on creating a solid infrastructure for future ventures. 4 is the number that represents the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and the four sacred directions, North, South, East and West, my belief system is so connected to the 4 directions. Also its my creativity with my tools which has been on a standstill, to not in the right space to create or the room to do what I need to do. Also the fact since being back east, ive been collecting and buying medicine plants for my medicine garden, so can't wait to create this at a place to call home. Then the vision of Bat, the gate keeper of the below, the maker of rebirth. Such a vision to come before the New Moon. So today I take a back seat and look at my path, and a fuller understanding of where im going and what I need to do, to be balanced in my direction. Remember to listen, see and hear what Spirit is trying to show you. Its so important, because sometimes we get lost in ourselves that we stop truely seeing Arohanui

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