Trusting the Trust

Im sitting on my veranda, listening to the music of whats around me. A defiant lizard day, leaving and coming home, Goanna & Frill Neck on the driveway-speaking Dream Time, allowing your daydreams and dreams, to allow Deja vu happen, Spirits reminder what you vision, they offer as a road map.Listen to your dreams, the path awaits… but the biggest song today is the Ravens, they have been calling all day, big pow wow this morning…O Hallows Eve. The veils are thin, electrical stuff is suffering from dementia and fits, or just the lights on and no ones home. Magic is flowing around guided by Spirit. Trusting in the void, the darkness, within theres light. So its a good day to burn fronds and cardboard and a Tawny that I picked up on my way to the job interveiw-part 2. Tawny speaks Secret Keeper, learning wisdom, weather it be seeking elders to learn from, so knowledge is remembered , or asking Spirit Elders or gaining that wisdom of self, seeing through all the illusions of fear and regret that we use to let bind us, seeing through that veil, and learning wisdom. To grow from. When the ashes are cold they will be spread on the veggie patch, returning home, to gift its knowledge to the land within. Of late I've been working through some old fears, created out of old illusions of old wounds. Its been a powerful experience and at times I sat and went really, you still allowing that old story, fuck get a grip. and you ponder how many bloody layers of this onion to go, dam I'm sure its got a rollerdeck of layers. Each layer shows us something different- Tawny is showing me a new way to see something. Last week I gave gratitude to a bestie being here, getting lost in the energy of the bush and the sea, was very healing, and the gratitude of her perspective, gentle but hits home. And this week the wisdom continues. Its like putting on ya big girls pants and saying I've got this. Even in the sychronicity of my last 2 fairs and people who have crossed my path, my jobs that I have now and how they evolved into being. And being able to follow my passion. And feeling the Universe is supporting it. Wow total surrender to trust. Don't get me wrong, at times I felt lost in how to stay in trust and not sit in fear, old fears rearing their ugly heads to try and shake my strength. Jez Im sure my big girl pants had skid marks over this time. We let old fears control us if we don't whip them into line. Its funny in many ways I'm getting to rebirth so many parts of myself, even my moontime has been different last couple of months. My latest tool has helped this all along- can't help but really look within when Curlew, Snake and Echidna look you fair in the eye, and say come along me darling its time, we are going to strip you bare. It feels, as we draw closer to the end of the year, the energy around is intensifying and we are getting pushed harder to feel into all, walk truth, walk passion and totally surrender to trust. And for all of us to totally love ourselves, we are all beautiful people. Such a beautiful dance at the moment with life….I think whats even more exciting, you don't always know where that dance is taking you sometimes, its just a journey unfolding. Arohanui

Artist- Caroline Morris

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