Burn baby burn

This weekend I was reminded of how woundings can stop us going forward and relishing in life and the surprise that life can be. As a beautiful brother put it “So it's not that they don't want to be open. It is just from experience men hurt then go turtle inside the protective shell as self protection mechanism. So the focus on protection not on healing ... if only it was easy to heal current pain then they would not effect the future openness in any relationship.” Such true words and I feel this goes for men and woman, why are we carrying these wounds like a shell on our backs. Or judging someone because what they do doesn’t fit our concept of life in general. I had a man judge me on the weekend because of his own woundings. It’s funny the first time I met him, I saw his woundings, they were all right there to be seen, and I didn’t judge. Because honestly I come from my own fuck-up-ness, I’m far from perfect and I try to be open with life and those around me. And at times I have my own play going on in my head where I’m shaking the shit of the person, let alone slapping them. But you have to sit there and just hold the heart space of love. As a persons journey is their own. Their own opening of heart,if they an ever drop the shell on their back, is theirs to experience when time is right for them. I feel the lesson for both man and woman, is earth, send your roots down deep, tap into the infinite source, and empty that shell of all the woundings we have ever held onto. Burn the fuckers in a fire, and give these woundings to the Universe. And close that shell down. Stand naked by the fire, and call in and feel the Fire Salamanders heat you through to the bone, firing up your DNA and cellular memory and burn them wounds out. Start fresh, be brave, don’t be afraid. Feel naked standing there in your rawness. Realise that everyone has had a fucked up journey somewhere along the way, that no one gets out of this lifetime without some woundings. But stop holding onto them. Because when it comes to affairs of the heart, your woundings can be the ending of something beautiful. So be brave and burn the woundings, see the grace of how beautiful you are and feel the power and grace of standing naked in truth. And tell that someone how you feel, if they don’t feel the same, it’s not rejection, it’s the realisation that they aren’t the right person and you may gather some beautiful Sisters or Brothers at your side. Break through that box of how we are expected to behave, and be real. Life is so short not to walk with truth and honesty. Arohanui  

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