Emotional Phoenix

 I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been going through so much shifting in my mind and my body. Looking at what I want in my life and my paths I walk to get to my dreams. Also keeping up with orders has been a bit overwhelming and creating tools for stock. I am stoked that they are calling their owners, but right now I feel like I’m floundering at times within myself, needing to take advice I give out. Put the stick away, stop beating yourself up. Every time I sit with the animals to listen to their guidance for tools, it takes me through my own teaching and shedding, let alone healing. Even when I’m not working with tools, the animals are coming to me directly, sharing their guidance and wisdom. Have to say they have been a bit full on at mo. Also getting attacked in messages threw me, and having to sit in reflection that it’s not mine to take on. That I have integrity and not a liar. I’m not good with confrontation, to be honest I’m not into it, nor do I ever get the right words out. Years of abusive partners, have seen to that. Rather be peaceful. That we don’t know another persons story or their journey, let alone we can’t make up things and be the ass in assumption. My mind reels at so much of that energy floating around at mo. It has made me realise that I’m better to deal with wholesalers, that I have dealt with for years, where business is business, not a emotional attachment. Also letting go of someone I was casually seeing, my heart was getting involved and it wasn’t going anywhere and didn’t align energetically with my path. This has been a time of growth around men, and being true to self. This has been a healing. I find it hard, when I see within someone the good and the beauty in their soul but they are not ready to advance within themselves. That we can’t make a fairytale out of something that’s not ready to be there. My heart is tender, yet I am strong and I’m allowed to feel all the different emotions that are swimming within me, let alone the lucid dreams about this man, time is a great healer. Also all the healing I am going through within, has manifested an outlet on my inner thigh, better out than in I say. This has brought more emotions to play, the honouring of my body, the honouring of my Crone Hood, which I have entered. And I’m still doing my hypnotic meditation most nights, clearing through the 7 diamensions of my self. Holey fuck Batman, my body and emotions are like tides, ebbing and flowing. Allowing the clarity of Goose medicine , to be my teacher, and allow me to flow with ease and grace. This Phoenix is burning through her layers to be present with self. We are truely seeing who aligns with our paths and who don’t. Who we are meant to walk with and who we arnt. I am truely grateful to friends and besties, I have around me. They hold me in love and allow me to be all I am, and the emotional Crone that has been flowing at present. The veils are thin and they are being lifted so we truely see what we should be seeing. What a year this has been. We are clearing the paths for each of our own truths. Be gentle, love yourself and always be true to self, no matter what someone is projecting at you. You are amazing as you have flowered to this time, at this moment, and you will always be amazing. Arohanui  

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