I Surrender

Triggers You bring fears forward, They drench my body As I move forward in new grounds Trying to hold it together And trusting in the process As my inadequate parts, feelings and fear Rise to greet me Shaking me As the journey told me to surrender Surrender to him Let your fears go Let your walls down Allow him fully in My heart wide open Silent tears cascaded down my face In the beauty of the journey What I was shown What was presented Love fully present Came out fully in heart space Ready to surrender To crumple to my triggers Breathing into it Finding this navigation intense But realising this process has to happen If I truely surrender and he disappears I have not lost I have grown I have open my heart to what can be What I’m allowed to receive What I’m allowed to have That I can feel love for another That I am worthy of a man Worthy to be honoured Worthy to be allowed to be me That I am worthy That I am accepted That I am me That I am That I surrender to me Own poetry 🦋

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