You failed

You failed to see beneath the armour You judged and said to hard Your triggers- all going off Your fears riding into you Like a battle call Run boy run You couldn’t talk You couldn’t see a bigger picture You just had to put the walls up And retreat into your stubbornness and safe cave That prevents you from opening your heart Your training doesn’t serve you As it locks you down Judgement, ego, narcissism Theses are your battle call You forgot to see with your soul You forgot to see with your heart You forgot to see You forgot to feel those vibrations That remind you that someone cares You forgot to see what’s deep within The child who wants to connect and come to play You just forgot The man who cannot let his armour down The man who couldn’t see Run baby run But don’t ever poke words at a woman Who was ready to surrender Who saw magic Who looked pass the words To really see you You wove a story To keep you safe You wove your armour tightly about you You surrendered to your fears and judgement Instead of surrendering to a chance Steph 2019

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