Raaaaaaa, Hear me Roar

Here’s the point of anger and I know I’ve fucked up, and I know I still have issues about letting a man in, because of the bullshit that has happened in my life over the years. But I am human, and a bigger man would see through this bullshit.

But today I go Raaaaaaa, hear me roar, hear me screem for the woman and men, who never found their voice. Hear me scream at the men and woman who played the narcissist card, who played the passive aggressive card or who were just bullies with a fist or words. Your time is coming to a end. I’m here to help rise, the men and woman, who are ready to rise. To see their worth, to honour themselves. Ive had enough of the bullshit, even within the spiritual community. Where some, are here to take people down, we are here to rise.

What others are doing, is not our issue or ours to take on. No, not at all, our issue is to see, to really see, through the bullshit that people weave. The people who copy, the people who gossip, the people, who’s behaviour just wants to pull people down, the people who don’t really see, they only see their ego, their passive aggressive behaviour.

You know what, we can rise. We are perfect in our own ways, we don’t have to be the front of the pack, we don’t even have to own the bullshit they weave. We just have to own ourselves. Cage the fucken monkey, put a gimp ball in its mouth and believe in yourself, because I’m believing in myself. I can do what ever I believe, and that’s what I’m doing. Chasing my dream. I do this for myself, never at anyone’s expense. Because this is my path.

Stand up, see yourself as amazing, see yourself as the best with no monkey holding you back. No believing the people who pull you down. This is your truth. Remember those who aren’t meant to be in your journey, are not a lost, just a lesson, a teaching, a growth within.

They forgot to see you, really see you🙏🏿 Because that is the journey, to really see ourselves and own ourselves totally. For we are beautiful and imperfectly perfect, in our own way🙏🏿

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