Thank You Beautiful

The last few weeks has been a huge healing time for me, I had to find my anger, to reach my deepest healing. My tools have been growth and a healing process. And I have come back into deep heart around this man. And deep gratitude for this healing process. And I honour him. Thank you💜 I would like to thank you For the deep insight into myself For the deep healing I had to face To release my armour that I have found comfort in for years For seeing this can’t go on That this had to stop That I’m human, living a human existance Trying to open my heart to another Had its challenges to own within and looking out I found rage, I found anger finally That seem to heal parts of me-rejection, worthless, lack of Thank you for this trigger Thank you for showing me you Or what you really didn’t want to show or for me to really see For that deep understanding that helped me understand myself And not feel failure As it takes two to let down the armour we hold tight It takes two to hear each other truly It takes two to understand So thank you for showing me My heart is ready My path is opening further Excitement for the future So thank you

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