Passive Aggressive Mask

I am sitting here, watching Silver Crested Cockatoo fly from tree to tree, calling to me, her call of illumination. I've been sitting with thoughts and feelings around passive aggressive behaviour, which is a form of narcissism. Yesterday I got confirmation about something, that I had a bad feeling about, after being the victim of passive aggressive behaviour. That I was not the only victim, and no I'm not a victim, but when people play this game, they are well versed in the game. Especially when they have people believing their behaviour. I have had several narcistic partners in my life, but the passive aggressive behaviour, I didn't always see. Now I'm very aware, I'm seeing it, more and more. People fall back into this behaviour, to not look at their stuff, to control to a point, to excuse certain behaviour. But I think people are becoming more aware of this behaviour, seeing it for what it is. but when people use this behaviour, it is to make you feel bad, to feel disempowered. To be justified is their words. We must own ourselves and own our shit, say sorry, when we handle a situation wrong, but we also must stand in our power, so we rise for ourselves.

People who have narcistic partners, for a long period time, and this is my own opinion, go down the rabbit hole, into the darkness, at times think they crazy. Self-esteem is not there. But this is the how the narcist wants you, so you can't fight back, they want to break you. They want total control. You must feel heart, for the narcist and the passive aggressive person, you don't have to excuse them for this behaviour, nor accept their behaviour, but what brought them to this behaviour. What happened in their past, to create this person, this way?

We are in powerful times to own our stuff, own our part in it, grow, believe in ourselves. Cripes I’m 50 and still learning. But have a profound awareness within me. I see more than I have ever before. When you do spiritual fairs- you see many masks, they come in layers, for some. They sometimes only show you what they want you to see, but if you look closely you will see more, those masks are only veils. If they pick up a crystal or tool, I see right through, into them. The tool or the crystal starts speaking to me. You meet the narcists and the passive aggressive people, and then you meet the people who have been broken by these people-such a contrast. This behaviour needs to stop, we need to give power to those who don't know how to escape. Help them rise. Help them feel strong, feel like they are really seeing this behaviour. So, they have choices. I feel like old program’s need to go, it’s time to move forward. Be honourable with your words and your behaviours. Then we raise the light for humanity.

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