Bottoms Up

Well I’m halfway through my 2nd jug of vile liquid, that has me, having a love affair with the toilet. Last night I should have put tv in front of loo and watched a movie, this morning not much better. But the concession is that I get to have coffee this morning. I won’t be in a ugly mood when I get to hospital this morning. Today is like getting ya car serviced for both ends, right to go for another 50,000km. But today is answer day or elimination of what maybe going on. So I can get on with my journey in life. The Universe has our path, sometimes we get caught up on the branches off the road, and go off the path, we do get to where the universe wants us, but we go the long way, and jump many hurdles. Yesterday, after a phone call, I got confirmation of where the Universe wants me to go. I have known this but fear or other road blocks, I put in. Worried about my path. But today marks the sorting out, then a whole lot of patience and planning, fuck me patience and Aries are not a match made in heaven, but it is time to dot my i’s and cross my t’s. Everything is a journey, even the endings in life, because without endings there can be no beginnings. The tools I have made over the last 3 weeks, have been a huge shedding, rebirth and tearing down the armour. The animals have put me through a huge process, confronting, opening and tearing down walls, and how I see myself. I’m not perfect by any means but I try my best. I have become so aware of all going on around me. That Owl and Tawny Medicines are my constant companions, funny that they are 2 of my totoms. Tawny sits on my shoulder and Hine Ruru flys above my head. Today I take a back seat and allow the medical profession do their job, eliminate stuff. Then between my doc- who practices both sides of medicine and my beautiful friend who is a herbalist, I can sort my body after 5 months of haywire. Today marks my death to rebirth. I’m ready for my journey. And the new adventures coming my way. Don’t ever let fear be your block, let fear fall like a veil, and move on, forward ho🙏🏿 

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