The veil of illusion

Last night I talked with a beautiful friend about what’s important to me right now, as some things had come to my awareness and my 3rd Eye was screaming at me. What’s important to me right now is my health & my business. My health is going through massive shedding, and I’m having to focus on balance within as well as without. My business is something I’m very passionate about, and love what I do, always a bonus. I have always had a big heart, been the giver, always there, even when I should have been saying no and putting in boundaries. And in the last 4 months I have removed people from my life, that wasn’t for my highest good or there were unhealthy attachments. I watched blocks disappear when I did this. I also have to own my part in this, for allowing this, enabling this and accepting this. As behaviour that, at the time is right-wrong. I have drawn the line and these people are not welcome back in my life. And I will keep removing people who are not in my life for my highest good. It’s called healthy boundaries. I use to give 2nd & 3rd chances, but I don’t anymore. I use to be wanted and loved by everyone, part of my low self-esteem. And the need to be wanted. Have friends. Now it is not important, I have amazing friends, many I have been friends with for 35 years, and man have we come far. I laugh at the rumours and calls I have had, as I’m the bitch, because I’ve decided who is good for me and who isn’t. And I always come back to a fact “There is their truth, your truth & the the truth”. And I don’t give a fuck what people think of me. Because the people I really give a dam about, are there for me 100%, are still in my life. I’m stubborn, pigheaded, blunt, have foot n mouth disease and opinionated. And if my daughter and sister are reading this, they would agree. A friend shared something the other day, about victims who don’t get believe in because the person causing harm is seen in others eyes as great human. Just because they are great in your eyes doesn’t mean they were great in the victims eyes. I think of old magic, and the weaving of glamour around oneself, so perception is what people see, an illusion. Even the other night, down at Marketta, I got a glimpse of someone, only for a minute, but I trusted what I saw, and trusted in my sight. So many people walking around, wolves dressed up in sheeps clothing, who’s motives, weather they be conscious or unconscious, are there, if you really look. The holding into owl medicine, truely watching and seeing, without deception. We are all in a very interesting time, the energies are pushing us hard. To look at self, look at motives, look at needs and sit and look at the whole. I have had to take time for myself, I relish my own company, as right now I’m trying to get my health right. I give much to my clients and people at fairs, that my own company is what I need to recoup my energy. Breaking toes brings you to a standstill, we’ll sort of, that stubborn bitch within is still there. And I’m not good at sitting still. And have much to do, create and clients to be there for. But I also know my alone time, solace, has and is the most important for me right now. I write my manifestations, every day into my Gratitude Diary, I constantly work towards these goals. I am learning patience, that the Universe has this and we have to trust. And I’m learning I don’t need to go fight every battle. That when something or someone pisses me off, I come back to, do I really need to give this energy, and what is important right now to me. So take stock and love yourself enough, to say I’m allowed to put boundaries in, that is ok🙏🏿 

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