Reset Button

Have you had a reset button go off in your head. Where you have realised you don’t give a fuck about people out there with hidden agendas, those who want something, but it’s a one sided game, those who can’t be transparent, those who copy but can’t be original. I don’t give a dam anymore. I’ve run out of fucks and have had the biggest dawning this week, the Children have shown me much. That it doesn’t really matter, what others are up to, they will only attract those who feed off the same energy. And there is always the teachings. There will always be people who speak over you, who don’t hear you, who have no idea where your at, but only to say something patronising, because they are to lost in self to see and hear. I don’t give 2 fucks anymore. And that the Universe is a twisted wee soul, who sees the bigger picture, puts the lessons before us, and the teachings and the growth. That we only need to focus on ourselves and our journeys. That if we are coming for heart space and not in ego or greed, will succeed beyond measures, and our dreams will be fulfilled. As long as we work towards these dreams, as I feel the Universe looks down and watches, and if your asking for everything but not working towards it. His attitude, why should I help you. I have no jealousy of people. Have found a deep peace within, that has fired me to write my teachings, to share with those who are drawn to me to learn. I relish in my path, that we are all individuals, with our own knowledge. But I’m grateful to my teachers over the last 50 years, who have guided me and shared their knowledge with me. Owl medicine has served as my teacher for some time now, and I have found her wisdom enlightening, along with the children, this reset has been a huge shift. Everyone’s truth is different, acceptance is the key, then not giving a fuck, happens easier. Now is the coming together of Soul Family, the people who are meant to walk with you, are turning up, some have been there a lifetime- I have some, I’ve been friends for 35 years, still solid, still bat shit crazy, my kind of crew. This family holds us solid, doesn’t tear us down, and there is a total understanding amongst us. I sat with my gratitude diary a few days ago and changed what I was writing, and bang the energy change. I have been in my creative space, working with strong medicines. The animals are my constant teachers. At times I prefer their company over humans, Animals keep it simple, us humans like to complicate the fuck out of everything. We also seem to want to be in that world, of I’m better than you, I’m not sure why. Because all it does is break people. The common thread with people I read for weather it be man or woman, is they can’t see their own beauty within, and they carry a big stick to beat themselves up with, constantly, because somewhere in their life someone or someone’s, made them feel worthless, belittled and never heard, so they have a wounding that attracts these same people, into their lives. My first words are burn the stick, and if you pick up another stick, burn that fucker too. Then we look at self and the building up. Don’t worry I’ve had many sticks and have had to burn that stick many times, never needed someone to take me down, I could do that on my own. Along with letting the monkey out of its cage, I could go into full distroyer of myself. But not anymore. It is a breathe of fresh air to sit with peace in my heart and soul, and look at life so differently. These energies are pushing hard, I feel like I have had cosmic flu, I’m fine during the day but at night it comes, so I honour my body and sleep, and I’m up at crows fart to start a new day. For me I feel this is just integration of all that is changing for me and all that is coming. I am in service and there is work to be done. But deep gratitude flows within of owning me, all of me- the blunt bitch, I have opinion, I have beliefs that are deeply ingrained, I’m curvy but that is beautiful, I am beautiful and I can even now stand in front of a mirror naked and like what I see, because beauty is within not without. And it’s all well in my world🙏🏿 

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