The Dating Merry-go-round

A few weeks ago, I joined a dating site. I’m not lonely, but would love someone to join me on my journey. I’m not a pub girl, and meeting men seems to be not happening, and allot of the spiritual men make my head ache. Looking for someone who is real, hunter gatherer type. And just grounded with a great sense of humour. My opening line on my bit about me....”will you let me put a dead animal in ya car”, I wanted to weed them out, and it gives a insight into me. Well fuck me, I’m sure men don’t read what you write, I got bombarded by Americans, who were looking for marriage and won’t take no, as a answer. Next came the men who go to church every Sunday, oh no, did you read what I wrote, your God is a bit scared of me, I’m slightly crazy, and you will never find me in a church unless for a wedding or funeral. There were the ones who, just keep messaging you, even though you are not interested, give me a break. Then there were the ones who want sex and needy, well I’m quite happy, don’t need sex, that’s why a girl has toys. And I’m not about to jump in bed for sex, it’s s energy thing. Next came the men who just can’t communicate well, and it’s like pulling teeth, to have a conversation. Mmmmm how do you get to know someone. Then there are the ones who just make up shit, hoping you bite and play ball. The empath in me sees through the bullshit. Then there are the ones, that your having a great convo with, you haven’t scared them to much with the dead animal thing, but you know your not the only one he is talking too. Then it goes cold and you know, the conversation is over. The funny thing, and I’m sure men have this problem on dating sites to, why can’t people be honest. Is it so hard. This life is amazing thing, but this dating thing, fuck me, it makes me laugh, but it has taught me much, I don’t find rejection in it, nor has this phased me, but this morning I deleted the app. I’ll leave it up to the Universe, man will turn up when time is right. I’m sure the Universe shakes his head at me, as I’m fussy, I know what tweeks my interest, and he has to be very accepting of my path, because that isn’t going to change. But for now I’ve got plenty to keep me busy, life isn’t boring. And my last conclusion, is people are so afraid to be honest and show who they really are. That creating a story in their profile, that doesn’t fit the truth, crazy. Fitting boxes doesn’t work, being honest, open and transparent does. We live in a crazy world, glad I’m already crazy, doesn’t phase me anymore. Cripes I must have matured and not realised it. Wisdom is like a good cheese, it takes time🙏🏿 

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